How You Can Create Unique Statement Pieces Using VèVèlle Scarves

By Melissa Trabbold -

Who says scarves can only be worn around your neck? No one, and I will prove it to you.  

The position of the scarf trend in fashion has been changing. Originally, scarves were primarily worn to keep us warm in the cold days of winter. Now, a scarf is considered appropriate regardless of season because they are becoming more of an accessory and less of a necessity. This is great news because it means we can flaunt VèVèlle scarves in every season, and we are not restricted to wearing them solely around our neck. 

Today, the humble scarf is on a similar level with statement jewelry or a great bag. By using VèVèlle in unique ways, you can impressively make a bold statement and matchless looks. 

Take the time to make your scarf the focal point of your outfit. This could mean wearing it in your hair, wearing it as a necklace, or even tying it around your waist as a belt. (And in the previous blog, I showed how you could knot it to your bag, which is another option).  

My favorite thing about incorporating VèVèlle into my wardrobe is that there are so many unique ways to wear a single scarf, and the results make for a distinctive look suitable for just about any day. With each tie, you’re basically adding a layer to your ensemble that will make it that much more cohesive.  






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