GiGi Hadid Outfit: A Collection of Inspirations For Your Looks

Posted first here on December, 29, 2015 by Alice Cerea

 She is certainly the person most clicked of 2015, a young and beautiful model, she’s blonde and with blue eyes, moreover she’s the face of well-known brands (such as Maybelline, here you remember?) and she’s the new queen of the social.

We have seen her on the front rows of the best known brands and pose for famous advertising campaigns (remember Balmain x HM?) … but about fashion, have you already taken a look at all Gigi Hadid Outfit?

Well if the answer is no you’re in the right place, today we talk about all the looks proposed by the beautiful Gigi and I will reveal where to buy all her cloche at a low price!

Are you ready? Here are 3 amazing  shops:

Sammydress. The shop of my dreams, here is really everything and at a very very low prices (the highest price is 25 €), from handbags to coats, from shoes to oversized sweaters. In short here you can find every single dress of Gigi Hadid at a mini price!

Gianluca Ranieri. If you admire Gigi Hadid’s bags and accessories  you’ll love this shop! Gigi, like everyone else, loves the made in Italy and high quality products, and what better brand if not Gianluca Ranieri.

Vevelle. Often neck of Gigi appear surrounded by pashminas and scarves, you noticed? If you like this style here I’ll explain how to wear a scarf in a thousand different ways, but first choose your favorite one on Vevelle!

Now that you know where to shop I leave you with a collection of Gigi Hadid Outfit which will inspire you for your next look!

Here below you will find all the photos and more!









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