Spotted: VèVèlle’s Peacock's Exuberance Scarf in Glamour Italy (

By Melissa Trabbold

VèVèlle's irresistible appeal is everywhere. In a recent blog published in Glamour Italy by Alice Cerea , VèVèlle's "Peacock's Exuberance" design couples perfectly with the perception of beauty.

Next time you wake up late for work and are pressed for time to get ready, do not panic. Here are five quick and easy steps to looking beautiful in ten minutes-yes, VèVèlle's "Peacock's Exuberance" scarf is part of the process.

1. Wash your face-there's something about having a clean face to start your day.

2. Apply light foundation-Whether you're in liquid or powder type, brush it on for an even-looking tone.

3. Coat your lashes with mascara-a woman's best solution for "waking-up" the eyes.

4. Pucker up with lipstick-it's a confidence thing. Displaying full, healthy color anche adds a nice contrast.

5. Wear VèVèlle's "Peacock's Exuberance" scarf-no matter your outfit choice, this simple accessory will complete any look with effortless sophistication.

Needless to say, simple, yet chic statement accessories like VèVèlle's scarves are an essential asset. Take VèVèlle's "Peacock's Exuberance" design for example. The playful feathered peacock motif and bright greens and blues makes for the perfect finish to keep you glowing all day.

Next time you're running late, do not forget to grab a VèVèlle scarf .

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