February 10, 2016

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Grand Canyon

Posted first here on January 31, 2016 by Alexandra Ford
















This was my first visit to the Grand Canyon, and the views were just as beautiful as I had always imagined. We took these pictures by the watch tower, from where you can see the river down below. It's so peaceful here! It was a bit chilly, so this Vevelle scarf was perfect. I love the design and luxurious silk! They have so many gorgeous colors and prints to choose from.


Scarf by Vevelle, find it here

Boots by Steve Madden

Sweater & Jacket from Urban Outfitters

February 02, 2016

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GiGi Hadid Outfit: A Collection of Inspirations For Your Looks

Posted first here on December, 29, 2015 by Alice Cerea

 She is certainly the person most clicked of 2015, a young and beautiful model, she’s blonde and with blue eyes, moreover she’s the face of well-known brands (such as Maybelline, here you remember?) and she’s the new queen of the social.

We have seen her on the front rows of the best known brands and pose for famous advertising campaigns (remember Balmain x HM?) … but about fashion, have you already taken a look at all Gigi Hadid Outfit?

Well if the answer is no you’re in the right place, today we talk about all the looks proposed by the beautiful Gigi and I will reveal where to buy all her cloche at a low price!

Are you ready? Here are 3 amazing  shops:

Sammydress. The shop of my dreams, here is really everything and at a very very low prices (the highest price is 25 €), from handbags to coats, from shoes to oversized sweaters. In short here you can find every single dress of Gigi Hadid at a mini price!

Gianluca Ranieri. If you admire Gigi Hadid’s bags and accessories  you’ll love this shop! Gigi, like everyone else, loves the made in Italy and high quality products, and what better brand if not Gianluca Ranieri.

Vevelle. Often neck of Gigi appear surrounded by pashminas and scarves, you noticed? If you like this style here I’ll explain how to wear a scarf in a thousand different ways, but first choose your favorite one on Vevelle!

Now that you know where to shop I leave you with a collection of Gigi Hadid Outfit which will inspire you for your next look!

Here below you will find all the photos and more!









February 02, 2016

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How to be sexy and warm (without the skin-colored socks!)

Posted first here by ALice Cerea


Saturday night outfit for winter

Saturday night outfit for winter. The starry sky, the full moon, the frost that colors all in white and the warm, very white, smoke coming out from our mouth with each breath: this means to me winter, it means cold and frost, it means racing from the local to the machine to warm up. But winter also means hot chocolates, discos or bars with friends of a lifetime … and desperation about Saturday night winter outfits.

That desperation that afflicts you before going out at that time when you have to decide what to wear: would you put that cute black and very short stretch dress with a thousand transparencies but then … what about the cold and goose bumps? Not to mention the socks, are the nightmare of each, but they are so warm … so the question of “What shall I wear” is still here, however and wherever and today we will see a super sexy and fashion (and warm!) solution together for your Saturday night outfit for winter.

Saturday night outfit for winter: how to be sexy and warm (without the skin-colored socks!)

Ready to discover the perfect Saturday night outfit for winter that will allow you to be super sexy and at the same time, stay warm? Today I will also reveal the trick to say goodbye to the skin-colored socks without suffering the cold, ready?

First of all take a look at all the fashion trends 2016 and saves the guide!

The trick to eliminate the skin-colored socks and not suffer the cold is in the cuissardes, or boots over the knee (see here how to match them), you just need to put a super arm socks just below the knee and cover it with the boots, itwill keep you warm!

I’m wearing a black simple but elegant jumpsuit Double Agent, the mythical cuissardes and she, my lifeline for the winter, the black cape with details in faux fur that warms a lot (and it is also one of the clothes to be purchased with the sales! Here you can find the guide to the sales 2016). If you are looking for a look for the disco or restaurant where the cape would only bother you you can wear under the coat a large scarf (there are fantastic ones signed Vevelle), you can use it as a small coat and give an extra touch to look.

Well what do you think about it? Cuissardes or socks?

Here below ou will find all images, brands and much more!





I was wearing:


January 10, 2016

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Winter Sales 2016: things to buy absolutely new trends and fashion and beauty

Winter Sales in 2016 . This is it! The Epiphany all parties has been taken away but left us a great deal of happiness and all our savings to spend in the winter sales in 2016 (by confesses, I know that you have already invested much of your nest egg in those shoes just could not miss!).

About balances, you already know what will be the fashion and beauty trends for the coming season?You've already made a list of all the trends to consider for your purchases? If the answer is no, take a look at all FASHION TRENDS 2016 and get ready to discover the beauty products (and more!) to buy with the sales!

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January 02, 2016

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The First Monochrome

Happy New Year everyone !!! May your new year be sparkly and full of surprises !!! This is the first step into a new journey !! I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that 2016 will be more than amazing, better than last year, the best year yet !! As per last year, what are your highlights ?! For me, it is definitely attending my first NYFW as a fashion blogger and celebrating my one year anniversary of the blog !!! And I couldn’t have done it without all your support !! So thank you my loves ! And it is only the beginning !



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December 31, 2015

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Warm December

Hello everyone! Quick post before New Year is here!  Today I'm going to show you my december (yes, december!) outfit. Love this warm winter! I think, this scarf makes the look not so simple so i use it so oft. Dress is quite nice too - perfect for many combinations and ideas! I was looking for denim dress a long time! Thank you yoyomelody for this dress!
         I hope you’ll have a wonderful day and look forward to my future posts!And I wish that in this new year, you never stop fighting for your dreams.

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December 25, 2015

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Silk Scarf. Thigh High Boots. Army Green.

I am writing this post from my hotel room in Waikiki where I have a stunning view of the crystal clear Pacific.  I have been coming here since I was a kid and it remains one of my favorite places in the world. I started out my vacation with an eleven-hour “nap” and woke up to an amazing massage. I later headed down to the beach to meet up with my boys where we had some grilled MahiMahi and Mai Tais for lunch.

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