How to be sexy and warm (without the skin-colored socks!)

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Saturday night outfit for winter

Saturday night outfit for winter. The starry sky, the full moon, the frost that colors all in white and the warm, very white, smoke coming out from our mouth with each breath: this means to me winter, it means cold and frost, it means racing from the local to the machine to warm up. But winter also means hot chocolates, discos or bars with friends of a lifetime … and desperation about Saturday night winter outfits.

That desperation that afflicts you before going out at that time when you have to decide what to wear: would you put that cute black and very short stretch dress with a thousand transparencies but then … what about the cold and goose bumps? Not to mention the socks, are the nightmare of each, but they are so warm … so the question of “What shall I wear” is still here, however and wherever and today we will see a super sexy and fashion (and warm!) solution together for your Saturday night outfit for winter.

Saturday night outfit for winter: how to be sexy and warm (without the skin-colored socks!)

Ready to discover the perfect Saturday night outfit for winter that will allow you to be super sexy and at the same time, stay warm? Today I will also reveal the trick to say goodbye to the skin-colored socks without suffering the cold, ready?

First of all take a look at all the fashion trends 2016 and saves the guide!

The trick to eliminate the skin-colored socks and not suffer the cold is in the cuissardes, or boots over the knee (see here how to match them), you just need to put a super arm socks just below the knee and cover it with the boots, itwill keep you warm!

I’m wearing a black simple but elegant jumpsuit Double Agent, the mythical cuissardes and she, my lifeline for the winter, the black cape with details in faux fur that warms a lot (and it is also one of the clothes to be purchased with the sales! Here you can find the guide to the sales 2016). If you are looking for a look for the disco or restaurant where the cape would only bother you you can wear under the coat a large scarf (there are fantastic ones signed Vevelle), you can use it as a small coat and give an extra touch to look.

Well what do you think about it? Cuissardes or socks?

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