Sweater dress and a VèVèlle Scarf

First published here on November 17, 2015 by E. Bouchra

Mango dress // c / o  Vevelle scarf  HERE // c / o Michael Kors watch // H & M tights Random boots // // c / o  Vogue sunglasses
My dear friends and readers, as you may have noticed, I have always kept my blog corner of fashion and positive things in general far from the obstacles and the problems we all face in our lives. I see my blog as a   "Rainbow" That will, hopefully, make you smile after the "storms" we are all Subjected to in our daily lives. Yet, I would like to make an exception today as it would be hard to avoid tackling the sad events That happened in many countries of the middle East and France. ultimately, Avtually, hate, anger, Prejudices, cruelty and most of all evil are not "new" feelings That were born this week. Of countless innocent people lose Their Lives on a daily basis in so many parts of the world. As all of you, it makes me so sad and scared to think That evil will continue to "poison" our world. But, despite everything, let's keep dreaming of a better world where love, compassion, care and humanity prevail.
Keep smiling :)

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