How to manage photoshoots if the weather is not what you expected

First posted here by Diana Horsfall

Happy Sunday, guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Last night, it was raining and I slept pretty bad. I hope I will get better rest tonight. Anyway, one of my blogger friends asked me how to Manage photo shoots if the weather is not what you expected. I Decided to give a few tips in case you have the same problem. Since we moved to California, I have not had any real challenges, even When it rained. That I understand it can be hard to Manage a photoshoot, especially if you have a photographer who is not your husband / boyfriend or one of your family members. Of course, many photographers do not want to get Their "baby room" to get wet. Here is a tip for how to avoid it!

First, if it happens to rain, think about adapting to a new location! Examples can be parking garages with deck, a botanical garden, indoors at your house (if you have a pretty nice lighting or furniture, why not ?!), museum (make sure That You are aloud to take pics inside), or some other lovely public building. Second, packing is critical. A photographer and a model can rethink any concept to create beautiful rain pictures. Just take an umbrella, find a spot where the photographer stays under the protection of ceiling, and you (the blogger, model) strut under rain. Third, after the rain is a perfect time to go to a coffee shop and get your favorite brew or hot chocolate, Which you can then turn into shooting area. I hope all of These tips can help inclement weather for the next photo shoot. Stay positive and adapt - I promise you-can overcome any challenge! I wear a denim dress from Style Moi along with silk scarf from VèVèlle  and Alysia  boots.

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