From Evening Wear to Casual Wear, VèVèlle Can Do It All

By Melissa Trabbold - 

February 2, 2015

It’s obvious that VèVèlle’s scarves are beautiful and look lovely with just about everything. But what if the struggle isn’t with the actual accessory, but with the battle of trying to assemble your outfit for a particular occasion, and still incorporating the accessory—and in this case the accessory being a VèVèlle scarf? If you find yourself questioning this, keep reading because I’m going to show you some ways you can coordinate VèVèlle into a variety of looks. From evening wear to office wear to casual wear, VèVèlle can do it all.

When you finish getting some inspiration through the photos I’ve included in my look book of suitable outfit ideas for the three different settings, you and your VèVèlle scarf will be on your way to looking great for almost any occasion...and you will love VèVèlle even more for helping you get there.

Casual Wear:

1. Grey long sleeve shirt with a sleeveless black denim vest paired with black skinny jeans. This VèVèlle scarf is looped twice around her neck and tied into a small knot with the remaining ends.

2. Leggings and a denim button up top with the scarf hung around her neck in a triangular formation. Tie in the back to secure it in place.

3. Long tan cardigan over a plain white top with black leggings. This scarf is dangling around her neck adding major style points to the simple outfit.


Office Wear:

1. Tan blazer worn over a black tank paired with a pencil skirt. This scarf is wrapped multiple times around her neck with the remaining ends tied into a side knot for a fashionable touch.

2. Tight Black dress paired with a black blazer. This scarf is tied into a bow to add sophistication and a pop of color.

3. Black blazer worn over top of a white ruffle top that is tucked into a black skater skirt. This scarf is hanging around her neck with a knot tied on either end. Very stylish and professional.


Evening Wear:

1. Tight black dress and heels with the scarf tied into a twisted bundle (experiment a little!) This scarf adds a bold twist on the always-classy “little black dress” ensemble.

2. Long sleeve glittery black dress accessorized with this twisted scarf tie makes for a sassy evening appeal.   

3. Loose-fitting black dress coordinated with a VèVèlle scarf tied into a bow. Simple, yet classy.


Bonus style tip:

To add a little fun and sophistication to any outfit, try wrapping your VèVèlle scarf around the straps of your purse, as I’ve shown below:

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