Maybe Someday We'll Get It Right

Published first here on August 20, 2015
Ever since my parents trusted me buying clothes with my own money I have been known for hoarding up a massive scarf collection. It got so out of hand that my parents eventually told me I was forbidden to walk into the house with a new scarf. So you can imagine how difficult it was to have to put down every "perfect" scarf that I came across until the day that my parents felt my mind was mature enough to not "mindlessly" buy every single thing that I felt was a necessity in my closet. 
However that did not stop my huge obsession with scarves years later. In fact, even through the scoring heats of Texas summer weather, scarves have remained one of my favorite go-to accessory.
Does my Dad still make comments about my scarf obsession? Yes. To this day, he still calls me crazy for wrapping my neck with a scarf in the heaty heat. And what would be my response to him? I'm just providing my neck with some friendly shade to protect it from the danger (the heat). 

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