Winter Sales 2016: things to buy absolutely new trends and fashion and beauty

Published first on on January 8, 2016 By Alice Cerea


Winter sales in 2016 . There we are! The Epiphany all the holidays has taken away but left us a good dose of happiness and all our savings to spend in the winter sales 2016 (by confesses, I know you've already invested a good part of your nest egg in those shoes just could not miss!).

About firm, you already know what will be the fashion and beauty trends for next season? You've already made ​​a list of all the trends to consider for your purchases? If the answer is no, take a look at all FASHION TRENDS 2016 and get ready to discover the beauty products (and more!) To buy with the sales!

Winter Sales 2016: things to buy totally and new fashion trends and beauty

Now that you've had a look at the guide that are above the trend for the coming season, we can proceed with all beauty products and not just to buy during the winter sales in 2016.

  1. Moisturizers. Abusane! Virtually never expire (yes, well, expire but I use even after the deadline, they are perfect the same in my opinion!) And will use almost always! I suggest moisturizers Olive Oil by Pharmatheiss cosmetics , are outstanding!
  2. Colors . The next season, as you may have read in the guide, will be characterized by changing and floral patterns and tropical colors. The best thing is to approach super colorful lips (perhaps with the lipstick maybelline ) to perfect eyeliner.
  3. Pashminas . Return of super fashion and combined with a trick and an effect nude manicure must be printed super colorful! The best are signed Vevelle and here I'll explain how to wear a scarf in a thousand ways !
  4. Lips . Strictly matt lipsticks, but only for those who have the super full lips! If, like me, you have lips purposes and focuses on eye makeup.
  5. Enamels . Take advantage of the sales and buy different colored glazes, a must: flesh-colored matt effect, yellow, and orange colors super energetic!

Discover ALL ITS FASHION TO BE PURCHASED DURING THE SALE super fashionable to use next season!

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