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Mermaid's Dream

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This piece represents a celebration of this beautiful (half-fish, half-woman) creature. In the Caribbean, sitting around the fire, on a quiet night, and sipping a cup of tea while listening to Mermaid's tales is quite magical.


Wrap yourself confidently in this tropical inspired scarf and have a fun day by the water. Whether soaking up the sun on a beach or enjoying a blissful night in paradise, its oversized proportion allows for versatility as a wrap or a traditional scarf. Channel your inner mermaid and conceal yourself with this refreshing piece of art. This digital print is made in Italy on lightweight silk twill and features a hand rolled hem. 

Material Used

100% Silk Twill, digitally printed and hand finished in Italy


36 inches by 36 inches (90 cm x 90 cm)

Professional dry clean only.

Estimated Shipping Time

5 to 7 days for United States and Canada; 10 to 14 days for overseas shipping.

Return Policy

We accept complimentary returns within 14 days of receipt if the item is unused and in original condition.



Grand Canyon

February 10, 2016

Posted first here on January 31, 2016 by Alexandra Ford                               This was my first visit to the Grand Canyon, and the views were just as beautiful as I had always imagined. We took these pictures by the watch tower, from where you can see the river down below. It's so peaceful here! It was a bit chilly, so this Vevelle scarf was perfect. I love the design and luxurious silk! They have so many gorgeous colors and prints to choose from.   Scarf by Vevelle, find it here Boots by Steve Madden Sweater & Jacket from Urban Outfitters

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GiGi Hadid Outfit: A Collection of Inspirations For Your Looks

February 02, 2016

Posted first here on December, 29, 2015 by Alice Cerea  She is certainly the person most clicked of 2015, a young and beautiful model, she’s blonde and with blue eyes, moreover she’s the face of well-known brands (such as Maybelline, here you remember?) and she’s the new queen of the social. We have seen her on the front rows of the best known brands and pose for famous advertising campaigns (remember Balmain x HM?) … but about fashion, have you already taken a look at all Gigi Hadid Outfit? Well if the answer is no you’re in the right place, today we talk about all the looks proposed by the beautiful Gigi and I will reveal where to buy all...

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How to be sexy and warm (without the skin-colored socks!)

February 02, 2016

Posted first here by ALice Cerea   Saturday night outfit for winter Saturday night outfit for winter. The starry sky, the full moon, the frost that colors all in white and the warm, very white, smoke coming out from our mouth with each breath: this means to me winter, it means cold and frost, it means racing from the local to the machine to warm up. But winter also means hot chocolates, discos or bars with friends of a lifetime … and desperation about Saturday night winter outfits. That desperation that afflicts you before going out at that time when you have to decide what to wear: would you put that cute black and very short stretch dress with a...

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Winter Sales 2016: things to buy absolutely new trends and fashion and beauty

January 10, 2016

Winter Sales in 2016 . This is it! The Epiphany all parties has been taken away but left us a great deal of happiness and all our savings to spend in the winter sales in 2016 (by confesses, I know that you have already invested much of your nest egg in those shoes just could not miss!).

About balances, you already know what will be the fashion and beauty trends for the coming season?You've already made a list of all the trends to consider for your purchases? If the answer is no, take a look at all FASHION TRENDS 2016 and get ready to discover the beauty products (and more!) to buy with the sales!

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