Vacation Ready Scarves + VèVèlle

Published first here on September 3, 2015

Hey Everyone!

My fabulous trip to Cape Town, South Africa is almost here! I cannot wait to get there and immerse myself in the beauty of the country. When I think of the pictures I’ve seen of Cape Town, vibrant colors instantly come to mind. I can promise you that every picture you see of my trip will be colorful. I also plan to pack only things that are light, bright and feminine. One item I never go without when I pack for vacation is a scarf or two. Vacation ready scarves are a must have. What does “vacation ready” mean you might ask? It means a light silk or cotton scarf that can serve multiple purposes. These are scarves that go well with different items in your suitcase, or can be worn as a head wrap. I’ve recently learned how to tie a head wrap so I can’t wait to try it out on the trip!

You might remember my previous post about VèVèlle. They have some of the most beautiful, luxury scarves I’ve ever seen. Don’t even let me forget to mention how colorful they are! That’s no surprise since the company was founded by an Islander. I’m wearing the Precious Hibiscus silk scarf today. As you can see, I could easy wear this scarf to make a simple pair of jeans and tank pop. It’s just as easy to pair this scarf with a maxi dress, shorts and top or cocktail dress. It’s even long enough for me to wear as a head wrap if I wanted to!

Here’s my look: 

*Photos taken by Richard Glass

Vacation Ready Scarves 1
Vacation Ready Scarves 2
Vacation Ready Scarves 3
Vacation Ready Scarves 4
Vacation Ready Scarves 5
Vacation Ready Scarves 6

It goes without saying that I now have one more item to add to my suitcase :-) Visit to check out more of Vévélle’s scarves.

Do you pack vacation ready scarves for your vacation?

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