By Martina Laborsada

The leaves fall and a quiet afternoon in November. Every so often switch off and take a break it is only right, so after weeks of intense work, those little moments cut from a race and the other become precious, almost as much time. To amuse the mind does not take much; a walk, a smile, a hug, little touches that make any day special. This is why I chose to take a walk at sunset and live free and carefree as ever, in those few magical moments

My look in apricot and a special scarf

For my walk s olitaria I chose a casual chic look accompanied by a special accessory: a scarf. The highlight of my outfit today is he my beautiful scarf "Terre Natale "inspired by the folk symbols of Haiti, ner version in white with fantasies. I chose to pair it with skinny jeans , boots with heels and hand bag, all line ously black. The only color allowed in this look is the ' apricot given by the jacket , a touch of color that completely breaks the monotony of black. Last, but not least my new watch, classically defined, obviously in the most elegant color that there is: the black .

What do you think of this look? Do I like the scarf that I have chosen?

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