Always Fun To Wear Scarves...

By Mellissa Burgess

Scarves in the summer? Says who? Is that even appropriate? Of course it is. Scarves are always appropriate.

Sometimes people assume that scarves are just for fall and winter and sometimes in the spring, and trust me, I live in Miami so it's not common to just go out and wear a scarf when it's 100 degrees outside. But you know, sometimes you can make exceptions when it comes to lightweight silk scarves such as the one I'm wearing. My outfit needed a pop of color anyway and this colorful scarf from Vevelle was my perfect accessory. I didn't just put it on my neck though because scarves aren't just for your neck. This scarf, was long enough to put around my waist as a belt, around my neck and I even used it as a lightweight headband. (LMAO I felt like a gypsy when I put it around my head. Literally such a cute hair accessory) If you're interested in the scarf in my outfit, you can buy it on for a variety of different designs on their 100% silk scarves.  Everything else from my outfit are just simple summer clothing items that you can put together to enjoy your last few days of summer.

My linen button down is from Hollister. 

My high waisted jeans are from Gap. 

Watch is from Guess

Scarf is from Vevelle 

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