A Splendid Evening Look


By Lauren Eckel


During a recent vacation to Southern California, I was completely fascinated by the splendid landscape and beautiful choreography of para-gliders floating gracefully near the cliffs of Torrey Pines Country Club. As I was savouring the breathtaking scenery well into the night, I was mulling over the best outfit combination to match the ambience of SanDiego's nightlife.

In quest of an elegant and sophisticated look, I decided to explore the stunning VèVèlle /vɛ.vɛl/ scarf collections.
Pieces such as "Love and Happiness," "La Belle," "Pas de Trois," "Exquisite Hibiscus," to name a few can certainly bring an element of splendor to any look.

Indeed, the beautiful VèVèlle scarf "Love and Happiness", would work nicely with a white dress. Adding a classy silver Nixon watch, a yellow Michael Kors bag, and matching silver Jimmy Choo sandals would bring a breadth of fresh air and a complete pop of color to the look.

In the picture above, the look was impressive due to the perfect harmony created by the dress and the VèVèlle scarf. 

Dressing for evening, in San Diego, was easier than I thought it would be. Obviously, confidence had a lot to do with it. More and more, I'm gaining confidence in my ability to dress elegantly. Also, the VèVèlle scarves, because of the myriad of possibilities they offer, made my outfit selections less stressful.

I must admit I had a phenomenal time in San Diego. I had a lot of fun.

Nowadays, creating an evening look goes a lot smoother especially when VèVèlle is part of the equation. In my quest for simplicity and sophistication, VèVèlle helps me maintain a level of cohesiveness that was missing in the past.
I love wearing  VèVèlle scarves. Their beauty and their texture make me feel amazing, confident and classy.
Lauren Eckel  

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