Chic Summer Looks

By Lauren Eckel
Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to be photographed by Paul Dempsey for the VèVèlle Signatures Series Scarf Collection. It was a fun session and I enjoyed it very much. 
Among the beautiful pieces published here and there on, allow me to share a few of them with you. 
For these pictures (shown below), I wore two lovely VèVèlle scarves: "Blue Eyes" and "Sphericity".




I encourage you to browse the "Tropical Fest" and the "Signature Series" Collections. The VèVèlle scarves are classy accessories that can make any outfit look expensive. They can be worn almost anywhere. Certainly, these exquisite scarves are perfect for any vacation destination.
For a more chic look, you can add a handbag, a watch and other accessories that will complement the VèVèlle scarves. Also, you can mix and match colors because the VèVèlle scarves offer so many possibilities. Take a loot at the pictures below taken with two lovely scarves: "Catch the Golden waves" and "Pas de Trois".
Wearing a black or a brown hat as I've done in the picture would be wonderful. You may want to switch the blue pair of jeans for another color (white, for instance) for a more elegant look.
Truly, wearing a VèVèlle scarf gives me an extra boost of confidence. Not only is the look casual, but it's also classy and sophisticated. If you love exquisite accessories, you'll love VèVèlle scarves.

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