Caribbean culture beauty meets American style in VèVèlle's new collection of luxury silk scarves

Written by Melissa Trabbold

- It is obvious that scarves have been a popular fashion trend for years—we love adding them to our wardrobe. From their ability to add a pop of style to an outfit, to their comforting feel, it seems as though scarves will continue to flourish in the world of fashion. In fact, VèVèlle has catered to the common love for scarves by developing a new—and certainly fashionable—collection of luxury silk scarves. 

Scarves are great accessories to spice up an ordinary outfit, or to add that touch of sophistication for a special occasion. While there are tons of varieties of scarves to choose from, VèVèlle has created a unique line of luxury silk scarves so beautiful and inspiring that will undeniably leave you wanting more. Made of 100% silk twill, chiffon, or georgette, VèVèlle is offering a fresh, elegant look through their new Haitian-American collection. The beauty of the Caribbean culture truly shows through Vevelle’s handmade scarves with their gorgeous designs and characteristic features.

What makes VèVèlle stand out from other luxury lines? Their stunning designs each tell an inspiring story of the beauty and warmth of the Caribbean culture. You will feel this beauty as you sport genuine pieces of art. The beauty of these scarves will stimulate a sense of confidence and look of sophistication, bringing a new era of fashion. Experiment with VèVèlle fashion and incorporate these luxury silk scarves into your daily wardrobe for a new take on the scarf trend.   

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